First Responders, Military, and Veterans

As a 17-year veteran first responder, Matt knows what you are going through, your concerns with seeking help, and the difficulties with finding the right person to help. He knows how the job can impact a person and their family. He's dealt with these issues and his training and experiences have helped him learn how to build strategies for resilience and how to overcome them.


Being a first responder is a calling that's not for everyone. As rewarding as the job can be, it can also be equally, if not more, stressful. â€‹First responders suffer high rates of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, cardio vascular disease, domestic problems, addictions and numerous other issues as a direct result of the cumulative effects of the job itself.


Matt is in a unique position because he is one of the few active first responders with a dual career as a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC). He knows your culture, humor, insecurities, worries and trust issues. He also understands your work experiences and problems you may have with your employer. He has experience working with police officers, correctional officers, and other first responders as a therapist. 


Lastly, Matt recognizes your concerns about confidentially, your worries about how it could impact your career and the stigma of mental health with first responders. Simply put, he gets it. At First Line Counseling, each one of your concerns will be addressed. Rest assured, your information is kept confidential in accordance with Maryland law. Our number one goal is to protect those who protect us, by providing quality care with the utmost confidentiality to our clients.