As an active First Responder for 16 years, Matt knows the stress you face on a daily basis and how difficult life work balance can be. Having to make difficult split second decisions, being second guessed daily (by self and others), worried about paperwork, regulations/protocols, and legal issues all weigh heavily on a person. As a chief negotiator for contract negotiations, 2nd Vice President of a state-wide organization, Treasurer for a local organization, father and husband, at one point full time student, intern, and working full-time (And yes, it was during the same time period), he also knows how hard it can be to manage all these things and remain healthy.

He also knows your concerns about confidentiality and trust issues. He will make sure your information is held to the highest standards and that under no circumstances will your trust be violated (within legal limitations - see informed consent form).

Simply put, Matt gets it. He’s not only had these experiences, but he has the training and ability to help others get through difficult times to come out a stronger person. At First Line Counseling our goal is to make sure you get the help you need and to ensure that you leave our office a better, healthier, happier person, than when you came in. Behavioral health counselor